Ajinomoto for food service


Delight your customers and improve profitability with AJINOMOTO®.

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We help Asian Restaurants grow and thrive

Serve Japan’s No. 1 gyoza and shumai in your restaurant. Our high quality frozen food and seasoning products are an essential favorite for many Asian chefs around the world. Designed to enhance the flavor experience, AJINOMOTO® umami seasoning and dashi soup stock brings the best out of your dishes without additional preparation time and cost.

Discover how AJINOMOTO® can help create success in your restaurant kitchen.

Ajinomoto for food service
Why use Ajinomoto



AJINOMOTO® is Japan’s most recognized food brand. We maintain rigorous quality control and ingredient selection to deliver the best flavors and results to our customers.


AJINOMOTO® is dedicated to preserving authentic flavor through hand-made processes and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.


AJINOMOTO® was founded to make cooking easier for everyone. Our products are designed to reduce cooking time and cost without sacrificing the joy of flavor.

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Versatile, flavorful, and always convenient. Learn ways to use our products like a pro. Discover professional techniques that will help you create success in the kitchen.

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