AJINOMOTO® Frozen Food

Authentic recipes and true-to-life flavors, made easy for all. We bring the best of Japanese cuisine to your kitchen.

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AJINOMOTO®‘s story began in 1908 when scientist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda discovered that the amino acid found in traditional Japanese seaweed soup is the source of “umami” – the savory, fifth taste naturally found in many delicious foods. Since then, the AJINOMOTO® Group have become a much loved household name in Japan. Today, we bring authentic flavor and convenience to kitchens across the globe.


Discover Japan’s No. 1 dumplings. AJINOMOTO® gyoza has a delicate thin wrapper to bring out the fresh meat and vegetables inside, while the flat bottom maximizes crispiness. No oil is needed to cook them to perfection, making it easier and mess-free to prepare anytime. Don’t forget the dumpling dipping sauce.


A true crowd-pleaser thet’s packed with flavor, our fried rice features yakitori-style chicken and crisp veggies in rice infused with our signature Japanese sauce. Perfect on its own, or as a side to your entree, simply prepare with a microwave to enjoy a takeout-style dish in no time.


Bring the amazing flavor of authentic Japanese style ramen and yakisoba to your own kitchen. They’re a deliciously satisfying and easy meal with flavors that that will transport you to Tokyo’s busy food stalls.

Ajinomoto ramen

Asian-style Chicken

Whether they’re crispy fried or marinated in rich teriyaki sauce, our restaurant-style chicken dishes are sure to please. Experience tender and juicy boneless leg meat prepared in authentic Japanese style. Just heat and serve.

Ajinomoto karaage

Gyoza Dipping Sauce

Elevate your favorite gyoza, shumai, and more. Specially blended for pan-fried gyoza, AJINOMOTO®’s dipping sauce features high quality soy sauce, rice vinegar and a subtle note of garlic.

Ajinomoto gyoza dipping sauce

For Your Restaurant

We help Asian Restaurants grow and thrive. Our high quality seasoning products are an essential favorite for many Asian chefs around the world. Designed to enhance the flavor experience, AJINOMOTO® umami seasoning and dashi soup stock bring the best out of your dishes without additional preparation time and cost. Discover how AJINOMOTO® can help create success in your restaurant kitchen.

Ajinomoto for food service